How To Talk To Your Partner About Postpartum Depression, According To Experts!


Here is an article published on on how to talk to your partner when you are experiencing postpartum depression (the advice works just as well for postpartum anxiety and pregnancy mood disorders too). I was very happy to be interviewed by as one of the experts and here’s the paragraphs where I was specifically quoted:

Dr. Sarah Allen, a psychotherapist and director of the Postpartum Depression Alliance, suggests that setting aside time for the conversation when you’re not exhausted is helpful. “I know this is not easy when you have an infant, but you will get a better response from your partner if they are not on their way out the door or just about to go to sleep.” She says this first step can be very difficult because it requires admitting that you are not coping or feeling the way you want to. Call on a friend or family member to watch your little one while the two of you take some time to discuss your feelings.

Try to also not rely on the media which “only tend to focus on extreme cases of postpartum depression and psychosis — that happens to only one percent of new moms,” Allen adds. “[This means] your partner may be worried when you first talk about it. Explain to your partner that postpartum depression and anxiety are very common and affect approximately 20 percent of new moms.”

Allen says you may want to print out something for your partner to read that explains the symptoms and how frequently women experience them. Highlight the particular symptoms you are experiencing and consult reputable online resources that explain symptoms, treatment, and how to access support in your own state. Allen adds that local groups, like the Postpartum Depression Alliance she runs in Illinois, also offer resources for both mothers and partners.

Read the whole article here How To Talk To Your Partner About Postpartum Depression, According To Experts!


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