Contact & Directions

Dr.Sarah Allen


Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to contact me. I just want to note that my professional licenses only enables me to work with clients who are physically located in the states of Illinois and Florida or the UK. 

Additionally, my license prohibits me from giving personalized advice to people who are not my clients but I still like to help people who live outside of these locations and so I share my knowledge in blog posts and free booklets. 

This is important – if you are experiencing a crisis or emergency please contact your own doctor, go to your local emergency room or call or text 988 the Crisis & Suicide Lifeline.

I aim to return emails within 24 hours on weekdays.

(847) 791-7722

    Dr. Sarah Allen

    Instructions For In Person Appointments with Dr. Sarah Allen.

    1363 Shermer Road, Suite 307, Northbrook, IL 60062

    Instructions For Parking

    The are a few 2 hour spaces in front of the building.

    If they are taken there is also free parking available for my clients across the street in the lot by Bank.

    Free public parking is also available after 10am in the Metra parking lot. Even if the lot seems full, there are always spaces towards the back of the lot.

    The front door is at the side of the building on Shermer Road between the train tracks and the Metra lot.

    There is an entry system – press 307# and I will buzz you in. I am usually available 10 mins before the start of our appointment. If you arrive earlier than 10 minutes before our appointment, I will be probably be in session with a client and will not be able to buzz you in.

    Inside The Building

    Please take the elevator or stairs to the 3rd floor. Turn to your left when exiting the elevator and you will see a waiting area. I will come out to meet you at our session time.