Redbook Article : Men Get Postpartum Depression Too


I felt very privileged to be interviewed by Redbook magazine about my professional opinion on paternal depression. In the past few years there has been a growing recognition that a new baby in the house can affect dads as well as moms, but not always in the same way.

I hope that articles such a this help grow awareness, lessen the stigma and help let men know that support and treatment is available for them too.

The article described many men’s personal experiences of depression and shows that new dads can feel just as lonely and isolated as new moms.

My comments in the article are quoted below:

While many symptoms of male postpartum depression mimic those experienced by women –– fatigue, lack of motivation, feeling discouraged –– there are some that are more specific to men, including violent behavior, a drive to constantly work, increased conflict with others, and uncharacteristic impulsiveness or risk-taking, says Dr. Sarah Allen, psychologist and director of the Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois. The shame that men so often associate with feelings of sadness or hopelessness only worsens their symptoms, she adds.

Experts say risk factors for postpartum depression include a traumatic pregnancy or birth, stress, a family history of mental health issues, and a traumatic childhood. Allen explains that it’s rarely just one of the above that leads to postpartum depression, but more often a combination of triggers, both physical and emotional. “In women, it can be caused by hormonal changes, but the sleep deprivation caused by looking after a baby can be a huge trigger for both parents,” says Allen. “In terms of emotional triggers, there’s the sense of responsibility from keeping a little human alive; financial concerns, especially if the couple has lost the income of the parent staying home to look after the baby’ a feeling of isolation; and the loss of a sense of self, as you no longer have the time or the energy to do the things you used to love.”

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