Quiz – Are You At Risk For A Postpartum Mood Disorder?



Quiz – Are You At Risk For A Postpartum Mood Disorder?

I have experienced anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or OCD in the past.

I find it hard to ask for help or to let others take care of me.

Before my periods, I usually get sad, angry, or very cranky.

I have been depressed or anxious while I’m pregnant.

I am pregnant right now and I don’t feel happy about it.

I don’t have many friends or family nearby that I can rely on.

Sometimes I don’t need sleep, have lots of ideas, and it’s hard to slow down.

My mother, sister, or aunt was depressed or had a lot of anxiety after her baby was born.

I am stressed about money, housing and how to take care of myself and my family.

My baby is difficult to care for i.e. colicky or breastfeeding is not going well.

I went through infertility treatment to conceive my baby, had a high risk pregnancy or previous miscarriage.

This baby’s or my previous childbirth experiences were traumatic for me.

I have experienced trauma in the past.

My relationship with my partner is not in a good place and is a source of stress for me.

I tend to be a perfectionist and/or letting things go is hard for me.


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