How To Email Completed Forms To Dr Allen

Here are step by step instructions to complete forms online to email me.

This does not work on the Firefox browser or on mobile devices. If you are using either of those you can complete the forms online, print out and bring them with you to the first session or scan them in and email them to me.

Click each form link.

At the end of each form there is a grey box that says print/save. Click on it.

This is what it looks like for my printer, yours may be different but to save the form you need to change Destination from Print to Save as PDF.

Save each form with the form title and your name i.e. Assessment form Jane Duff on to your computer. Attach each document to an email and send it to me at

Complete the same steps for each of the forms and symptom checklists, insurance and credit card forms as needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

If you are thinking about getting counseling and you’d like to talk to someone about the things that are troubling you, I am happy to help.